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[TXT] A Deep Sleep (Mg, inc, nc).txt  11.36Kb  February 17 2009
[TXT] A Good Spanking (Mg, inc, reluc, 1st, spank).txt  9.18Kb  February 17 2009
[TXT] An Ambivalent Sub (MF, nc, bd, ds) .txt  8.10Kb  February 17 2009
[TXT] His Wife's Ass (MFF, nc, bi, bd, anal, humil, ws, enem).txt  8.33Kb  February 17 2009
[TXT] Just One Night (MF, anal).txt  4.62Kb  February 17 2009
[TXT] My Favorite Client (MF).txt  5.26Kb  February 17 2009
[TXT] My Girlfriend Meets My Boyfriend (MFF, bi, nc, rape, bd, ds, oral).txt  7.85Kb  February 17 2009
[TXT] My Very Personal Trainer(FF).txt  8.73Kb  February 17 2009
[TXT] The Bitch, My Boss (FF, nc, rape).txt  10.31Kb  February 17 2009
[TXT] Tonight's Catch (MFF, nc, bd).txt  9.46Kb  February 17 2009